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Hello ~ My name is Colleen Pace and I am the founder of the American Association of Riding Schools. Since 1967, I have owned more than thirty horses. I have offered riding instruction, primarily to new-horse-owning and non-horse-owning beginners, for over thirty years. I am developing this blog for two reasons:

The first is to offer support for the AARS Senior Certificate Program. The twelve program certificates cover the non-riding basics that a person would need in order to own and care for a horse their own. Topics include safety, barn care, and horse care; including basic health and medical. It also includes introductions to the many styles of riding enjoyed by horse enthusiasts. These include playing ground games with our horses, trail riding, jumping fences, roping cows, driving buggies, and much more. We will also discuss, again at just an introductory level, horse biology and psychology; and also how our love of horses can permeate other parts of our lives.

The AARS Senior Certificate Program is the only program in the nation that was developed to care for all horse enthusiasts; but especially the first-time enthusiast; including those who may never own a horse. Whether you are a rider at an AARS member stable, or you found your way to this blog in some other way, I trust the topics will serve you well.

The second reason for developing this blog is to offer commentary on horses and current events. We horse owners comprise a truly huge and diverse population; representing a wide variety of life-styles. As a group, we own dozens of different horse breeds, and enjoy our time spent with them in many different ways. It is only natural that, with a group this large, there would be a wide variety of opinions about what a horse is, what we should expect from our horses, and what we believe our responsibility to our horses should be. The result is much lively conversation. It is my intent to tap into this conversation, and help carry it along. You are most welcome to join in. With best regard, Colleen at the AARS

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